Drugs Are Not Bad It Just The People That Do Them

Ask Me Anything You Want!!!!   I'm A Ninja Dinosaur Made From Toast.
I'm 21 Years Young.
Give Me Tea And Cookies And Everything Will Be Ok!!
Bi And Pride.
I Was Born This Way.

I fucking adore you...
I fucking adore you... 

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can somebody please talk to me about Bill/Fleur and/or Remus/Tonks? I´m having Major feels right now and my Family is completely useless because they all hate Harry Potter… (ugh ikr). THE FEELS! THEY ARE JUST PERF OMFG *-*

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My new room is freakin’ sweet, if I do say so myself.

I came. 

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"When the tears start flowing into the river of depression, that leads to the sea of suicide - Chris Hancox"
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when someone really cute calls you cute first


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