Drugs Are Not Bad It Just The People That Do Them

Ask Me Anything You Want!!!!   I'm A Ninja Dinosaur Made From Toast.
I'm 22 Years Young.
Give Me Tea And Cookies And Everything Will Be Ok!!
Bi And Pride.
I Was Born This Way.


Sean Morgan. #scarabbodyarts #seanmorgan #tattoo #snail #hogwarts #dementors  (at Scarab Body Arts)


Sean Morgan. #scarabbodyarts #seanmorgan #tattoo #snail #hogwarts #dementors (at Scarab Body Arts)

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721. First years bringing their stuffed owls into school, losing them, and 98% of the time, finding them again in the owlery.

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Alot of people pretend to hate this meme, but secretly we all live it.

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On the weekend I was super lucky to attend Bryton Taylor’s amazing Harry Potter party! I’ve never been to such an intricately decorated party! Everything had exactly the feel you’d hope that Hogwarts itself would had. It was just such a magical night (sorry, not sorry).

Soon we’ll have the blog hop up, until then check out Bryt’s Harry Potter tag for all our inspiration!

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But I’m a Cheerleader (1999)

1,2,3,4, I won’t take no anymore. 5,6,7,8 - I want you to be my mate. 1,2,3,4 - you’re the one that I adore. 5,6,7,8 - don’t run from me cause this is fate.

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Extinct animals: Tasmanian tiger 
"The Thylacine [Tasmanian Tiger] is a strong candidate for cloning and other molecular science projects due to its recent demise and the existence of several well preserved specimens."

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Thank you for re-blogging that!

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